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Q6.4.01 In a point-to-point connection

the entire capacity of the link is reserved for transmission between two linked devices.
more than two specific devices share a single link.
the capacity of the channel is shared temporally.
users must take turns to use a link.

Q6.4.02 Which of the following types of connections cannot be spatially shared?
None of the above.

Q8.1.01 Which of the following is not true about communication?
In computer networks, communication occurs between entities in different systems.
Two entities sending bit streams to each other expect to be understood.
Bit streams are sent when the sender is ready to transmit.
Syntax, semantics and timing are key elements of communication.

Q8.1.01 The term syntax in protocols refers to

the structure or format of the data
the meaning of each section of bits.
when data should be sent
how fast data can be sent to prevent data loss.